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All the backgrounds images that you find on this site are created from scratch by myself. They are free for you to use with the following exceptions:

- I retain the rights to these images and as such, you cannot claim them as your own.

- These images cannot be sold for a profit.

- Do not link directly to these images as not only is it unethical, you will just get a broken link as I will be moving the files around.

- These images may only be added to collections or archives so long as credit is given to this site: http://Wacky-Background.com

- These images are not to be used on sites that contain sexually explicit material or language, excessive profanity, hate material, or human and animal endangerment.

Although a link-back is not necessary when you use these images on your site, it would be greatly appreciated! And reciprocated, if I can work it into the site.









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